In no particular order, my thanks go to:

Andy Church
for his Video Game Music Archive, Map Generator, RPG Archive, and gracious hosting of my page
Zimeon Lundstrom
for a lot of Compact Disc information, Live A Live information, and careful proofreading of my page.
Tatsushi Nakao
for helping me with Japanese names and for his fantastic Town of Illucia
Peter Moore
for his fantastic Final Fantasy Midi music
Humbert Humbert
for lots of Final Fantasy MIDI files and graphics from his BBS, Neo Tokyo
Lord Julian
for the Final Fantasy V Japanese icons
for his work on the Secret of Mana FAQ
Mike Chan
for converting some MIDI files into XM's
Hideki Saito
for his Chrono Trigger information and MIDIs
Fenix Silvermoon
for his Final Fantasy III pictures
Alexander Wong (a.k.a. Alekusiel)
for the Super-Deformed pictures and Japanese package art
Rurouni Kenshin
for some Secret of Mana 2 pictures
Janne Inkinen
for assorted Secret of Mana and Chrono Trigger icons
Chris Brown
for his many, many fantastic icons and fan artwork
Po (Rocky) Chen
for several Final Fantasy icons
Andy Kaufmann
for help with page maintenance, converting Microsoft Word documents, and lending me the Squaresoft games I don't own :-)
Adam Page
for a heckuva a lot of Squaresoft Compact Disc information
John Stange
for most of the digital sounds
Bob Rork
for over a hundred scanned pictures. Wow!
Mathew Valente (a.k.a. TSSF)
for much of the fantastic digital music on the page.
Hans Piek
for his several wonderful MIDI enhancements.
Andrew Thompson
for sequencing an exorbitant number of fantastic MIDI files.
Seth Brown
for sequencing several Final Fantasy Adventure MIDIs.
Ike Sato
for scanning several hard-to-find Final Fantasy VII Japanese pictures, and graciously permitting me to place them on my page.
Oscar Morales
for some Squaresoft compact disc covers.
Mark Rosa
for a lot of Squaresoft compact disc covers, track listings, and game translations.
Aaron Gover
for the Breath of Fire scanned artwork.
Jono "pulpy" Dodds
for his incredible black and white fan artwork.
Ian Justman
for his MIDIs and much-needed technical support in times of crisis.
Jonas Ohlsson
for pictures and information regarding Square's PSX games.
Daniel Smith
for several excellent MIDI files.
Jim Gilsinan IV
for some rocking digital music arrangements!
Ryan Tanaka and Rumil
for some cool-sounding MIDI songs.
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