Squaresoft Information

(Newsgroups and FTP Sites)

"This newspaper can bring you to newsgroups where you can talk with other Square fans, and FTP sites where you can download Square-related files."

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Squaresoft Newsgroups

Maintained by: Anarchy
alt.games.final-fantasy is for the general discussion of Final Fantasy and other Squaresoft games.

Maintained by: Anarchy
alt.games.final fantasy.rpg is for players of the Internet RPG Final Fantasy game.

Maintained by: Anarchy
rec.games.video.nintendo is for discussion of all Nintendo games, but contains many Squaresoft related posts.

Squaresoft FTP Sites

Big Chocobo @ Netcom
Maintained by: Einexile
Big Chocobo has some files related to the Final Fantasy games.

Paladin @ Fred.Net
Maintained by: Paladin
Paladin has some text files related to the Final Fantasy games.

Video Game Music Archive
Maintained by: Andy Church
The Video Game Music Archive contains all the music from Final Fantasy II, III, and V Japanese, as well as Secret of Mana and Chrono Trigger, in Amiga IFF 8SVX format.

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