Welcome to the Chocobo Stable!

"Welcome to the Chocobo Stable! My name is Andrew Vestal, and I'm the stable keeper. If this is your first time to visit the stables, you're probably wondering what to do. These stables can take you to the other wondrous Squaresoft pages on the Internet - once you know your way around."

"The Yellow Chocobo will take you to various Squaresoft Home Pages. You can ride him to the bulk of the pages."

"The White Chocobo takes you to pages with a bit of "magic". You can ride him to the various company pages. He can also transport you to the on-line RPG pages."

"The Black Chocobo takes you to other worlds... He can fly you to some of the towns and castles on the 'Net. He can tell you about places that exist off of the Internet. But you'll have to forge out on your own to reach these pages - he can only fly so far!"

"This newspaper I'm reading has all the latest Squaresoft news! It also can tell you where to find a variety of FTP sites. These sites carry many fantastic files!"

"That Golden Chocobo Statue leads to what I consider to be the best pages on the Internet. If you're in a hurry, and only want to see the best - check out the statue."

"Sorry if it's a bit drafty in here. One of those pesky bricks seems to be loose... if you can figure out which one, let me know, okay? Thanks."

"That should be everything you need to know to find your way around the stables, now. Godspeed on your journeys, traveller!"

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