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Squaresoft Home Pages

The Arris Dome
Maintained by: Shelby Hepner
The Arris Dome has an amazing amount of in-depth information for Chrono Trigger.

Bob Rork's SquareSoft Land
Maintained by: Bob Rork
Bob Rork's Squaresoft Land has many scanned pictures and screen shots, all presented in a fantastic layout.

Final Fantasy I Map Generator
Maintained by: Andy Church
The Final Fantasy I Map Generator produces pixel accurate maps for every area of the game.

The UnOfficial Seiken Densetsu Home Page
Maintained by: Kyle Smith and Peter Belc
The UnOfficial Seiken Densetsu Home Page has walkthroughs, FAQs, and screen shots for Secret of Mana lovers.

Company Pages

Maintained by: Squaresoft of Japan
The SQUARE HOME PAGE is the "Official" Squaresoft Home Page.

RPG Pages

Maintained by: Ebola
The FFRPG Page is updated daily with character stories, and features a gallery of character art as well.

Squaresoft Newsgroups
Maintained by: Anarchy is for the general discussion of Final Fantasy and other Squaresoft games.

Squaresoft Worlds

Town of Illucia
Maintained by: Tatsushi Nakao
The Town of Illucia features lots information on the Japanese Final Fantasy games. The layout is simply drop dead gorgeous.

The World of Final Fantasy III
Maintained by: Andrew Kaufmann
The World of Final Fantasy III help you learn about the game by exploring the Final Fantasy III overworld.

Last page update: 8.26.96