Squaresoft Worlds and Off of the Internet

"The flying Black Chocobo whisks you away to other worlds. A variety of detailed Squaresoft worlds abound. From castles and towns to entire planets - the Internet has it all! If you look around, you just might find worlds that are rumored to exist 'off' the Internet (though if you ask me, there's no such thing)."

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Squaresoft Worlds

Figaro Castle
Maintained by: Jonathan Fulkerson
Figaro Castle lets you explore the desert home of Edgar and Sabin.

Maintained by: Neko Oyama
MID'S ANCIENT LIBRARY is a Japanese town with information.

Maintained by: Kenshin
Sifia is a Romancing Saga themed town.

Town of Illucia
Maintained by: Tatsushi Nakao
The Town of Illucia features lots of information on the Japanese Final Fantasy games. The layout is simply drop dead gorgeous.

Town of Jidoor
Maintained by: SquareMeister
The Town of Jidoor has a layout based on the Final Fantasy III's Jidoor.

The Town of Lagomorphia
Maintained by: Lagomorph Lord
The Town of Lagomorphia is a very bunny-oriented city.

The Town of Millennia
Maintained by: Patrick Brand
The Town of Millennia has several places to explore.

The Town of Mynagia
Maintained by: Richard Knight
The Town of Mynagia is another Squaresoft-themed town.

The Town of Nikeah
Maintained by: Gary Court
The Town of Nikeah is devoted to Final Fantasy III.

The Town of Rien
Maintained by: Nick Lange
The Town of Rien is dark, moody, and mysterious....

The Town of Vector
Maintained by: Travis Saucier
The Town of Vector features FFRPG characters and artwork.

The World of Final Fantasy III
Maintained by: Andrew Kaufmann
The World of Final Fantasy III help you learn about the game by exploring the Final Fantasy III overworld.

Off the Internet

Neo Tokyo BBS (Telephone number: (910) 643-9703)
Maintained by: Humbert Humbert
Neo Tokyo BBS has many pictures and sound files related to the Final Fantasy games.

The Prodigy Final Fantasy 2/3 Ultimate Club
Maintained by: ??????
On Prodigy,
  1. Jump RPG
  2. Choose Topic "Fantasy Game Clubs"
  3. Look for any thing that starts with FF2/3UC

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