Screen Shots

Bahamut Lagoon
The title screen
A battle between knights and dragons
A battle on a grassy field
An underwater battle between knights and dragons
A dragon fires a thunderous lightning bolt
A dragon rises above a lake
A mysterious mist-filled cave
The overworld has both futuristic domes and medieval dragons

Bushido Blade
Two figures gather around a fire
A warrior carries a fan in one hand; a katana in the other
Two warriors battle on a barren playing field
Two warriors clash as a bird flies overhead
A battle continues in the moat
Waist-deep in water, a warrior parries a blow
A bridge is as good a place as any to fight
Two fighters charge towards each other
A vanquished fighter kneels in defeat
Being slammed against the wall is painful
From behind a fighter, your opponent is intimidating
An unfortunate battler is knocked off the wall
A fighter jumps to safety
A hunt in a bamboo forest

Chrono Trigger
65,000,000 B.C.
A battle with a group of Runners
Our heroes ride pterodactyls
The pterodactyls approach the Tyrano Lair
12,000 B.C.
Beautiful Zeal, the floating kingdom
A closer view of Zeal
600 A.D.
The overworld map for 600 A.D.
The battle with Zombor
Crono and Marle cross Zenan bridge
The top of Magus' Castle
The entrance of Magus' Castle
A battle in Magus' Castle
Frog casts Frog Squash in Magus' Castle
Frog, Marle, and Robo climb the Denadoro Mountains
1000 A.D.
The overworld map for 1000 A.D.
Our heroes fight Gato at the Millenial Fair
Our heroes relax around a campfire
Lucca is sent into the past
The venerable Robo is enshrined
2300 A.D.
The overworld is ravished and decimated
Our heroes wait to race Johnny
The race with Johnny
The race presses on
The title screen
The status screen
The Time Gates at the End of Time
Epoch, the Time Machine
The Epoch in flight
The Black Omen

Final Fantasy II Japanese
The introduction
The title screen
A town is visible from the overworld
In the Black Mask Cave, the party is besieged by the boss Big Horn
Swallowed by Leviatan, the party attacks Round Worm
Maria casts Flare against the Big Worm. Other party members are Frionel, Guy, and Richard.
Richard's status screen
A chocobo runs wild through the forest
This shop sells potions of various strengths
This shop sells items essential to any adventurer
This shop sells Fenix Down, Ethers, Cottages, and Elixers

Final Fantasy III Japanese
In this cave, the sages will teach you the spell of oToad
Only toads can enter the Tower of Ooen
Medusa waits on the top floor of the Tower of Ooen
The battle with Medusa

Final Fantasy II
The Town of Agart
Castle Baron
The Town of Baron
The Town of Silveria
Toroian Castle
The Town of Toroia
Tellah shouts those immortal words: "You spoony bard!"

Final Fantasy V Japanese
The opening scene, with an adjacent translation
Butz, Lenna, Garaf, and Faris battle two Gokimaira
Butz, Lenna, Kukuru, and Faris battle a Hedgehog and a Shadow
The Cleft of Dimension
Butz and Boko, his Chocobo
The Town of Worus and Castle of Worus from the overworld screen
The saved game screen
The Town of Istory
A wooden bridge on the Northern Mountain
Worus Castle
The roof of Worus Castle

Final Fantasy III
The Esper Maduin
The Esper Ramuh
Mog stands outside an Inn
Sabin rests at a pool in the Phantom Forest
The Phantom Train depot
The Town of Mobliz
The Town of Nikeah
The Orchestra Pit at the Opera House
The Imperial Base at Vector
General Leo uses his "Shock" attack
Kefka and Gestahl on the Floating Continent
All four tiers of Kefka's final form
Final Fantasy III Television Commercial
Mog destroys an unworthy Ghost
A skeleton reaches towards the viewer
Mog shoots electricity from his index finger

Final Fantasy VII Japanese
Battle Scenes
A menacing dragonfly enemy
Behind-the-party view as Aeris prepares to attack
Cloud strikes at a dragonfly enemy
Barret fires a salvo into the enemy party
Side view of the party as Cloud prepares to attack
A horned monkey attacks
Cloud attacks a horned monkey
Cloud slices through a horned monkey
An enemy party of five crabs
A close-up shot of a crab
A star spell affects a crab
A view of the battle from behind the crabs
Enemies' eye view of the party
Behind-the-party view of the enemies
Isometric view of the party and the enemies
Close-up view of the party
Barret's view of his two fellow party members
Right-side view of Cloud
Aeris stands, her braided hair flowing
Aeris holds her staff and looks around thoughtfully
Aeris grips her staff with both hands and prepares for battle
Aeris raises her hand to her forehead
An aerial view of Aeris
Barret looks menacing with his frayed vest and shoulder skull tattoo
Barret is tough as nails and ready for action
Barret bolsters his Gatling gun arm with his hand and fires
Barret dives towards the ground
Barret aims his gun at a foe
Cid looks positively boffo in his aviator jacket and goggles
Cid rests his pike against his back
Cid leans against his pike, unwinding with a cigarette
Cid crouches, spearing a low enemy with his pike
Cloud has spiky hair and a stylish shoulder pad
Cloud has the largest sword on the entire planet
Cloud stands, his sword braced against his back
Cloud grips his massive weapon with both hands
An aerial view of Cloud
Cloud is enveloped by a glowing fireball
Several views of a frog character
The canine Red XIII glowers with his remaining eye
Red XIII leaps towards his attacker
Red XIII glares at someone, his tail aflame
Red XIII howl pierces the silence
Red XIII gives the evil eye to his foes
Tifa is ready for adventure
Tifa stands, hands on hips
Tifa from behind
Tifa crouches, fists ready for battle
Tifa twirls her hair while talking
An aerial view of Tifa
A turtle character
Vincent's face is masked by his trench coat
English Version
Cloud demonstrates how to move your character
Barret demonstrates how to fight
Biggs questions Cloud's loyalty
Aeris is attacked by a Machine Gun
After a battle, the spoils are collected
Barret beckons for Cloud to follow
The Shinra Company's origins and opponents are described
Cloud joins "Avalanche" - target: the Makoro Reactor
The crystalline caves shimmer in their translucent beauty
A glimmering island of stone within the caves
Cloud explores the enigmatic caves
The Church
A missile has crashed through the roof of the church
From the altar, much destruction is visible
Looking past the pews, the smoldering remains of the missle are apparent
The rafters may hold a clue to this destruction
Looking down from the rafters, one sees the chaos beneath
Cloud explores the smoldering debris
Cloud approaches the shattered remains of the floor
Cloud leaves the ruins, in search of clues to the destruction
Cloud approaches the burning mess via the pews
The Floating Continent
The floating continent
An overview of the floating continent
Claud leaps across the posts to the center of the floating continent
Claud and Aeris meet for the first time on the floating continent
The Forest
A single beam of light illuminates an otherwise deserted forest clearing
Cloud faces a forest chasm | 2
Cloud explores the base of a gigantic tree
Cloud approaches a jungle temple by a hanging rope bridge
Gongaga Town
Cloud explores a hut with a fur rug
Cloud explores a hut with an oriental rug
Gongaga Town is flanked by a cemetery ... quite full ...
The Junon Fortress is protected by some heavy artillery
A side view of Junon and its gun
Kalm Town
Kalm Town features tasteful Germanic architecture
Cloud explores the dining room and kitchen of a Germanic house
Midgar, the sparkling futuristic city of light and towers
A wireframe of Midgar
The streets of Midgar | 2
Cloud faces the Midgard reactor
The Nible Mountains
The Nible Mountains have an awe-inspiring interior
Cloud delves deeper into the mountains
Winding train tracks ... abandoned bridges ... what does it all mean?
Cloud approaches a waning shoreline
Cloud stands on an isolated island
Cloud gazes across the sea
A river flows by, peacefully
Cloud nears a forest temple
Cloud approaches Kalm Town
Be careful on the hilly terrain!
The stables and ranch are visible in the distance
The Ranch
The ranch is a blend of stone, fence, and grass
Cloud stands before a barn
Cloud walks alongside a fence
Cloud walks inside a stable
The hay-filled stable -- for Chocobos, perhaps?
Cloud stands in a bedroom adjacent to a kitchen
The house on the ranch
The Reactor Tower
The reactor tower is covered in mist and mystery
The top of the tower, looking fourteen stories down
Cloud stands at the base of the tower
Cloud ascends the tower stairs
Cloud reaches the top level of the stairs
The Midgar Reactor | 2
Sector 6 Ruins
The Sector 6 Ruins are dingy, industrial, and dangerous
Cloud explores the grimy ruins
Cloud approaches the distant glow at the base of the ruins
The Slums
The slums have a carnival atmosphere
A shantytown with decaying grafitti covered walls
An overview of the slums
A grungy computer room
Beer and ale can be found at the bar
A run-down teller cage
Cloud stands on a shanty roof
Cloud approaches an abandoned trailer
Cloud stands before a collection of ramshack huts
Cloud runs past the shanty village
Cloud looks at one of the shanties
A tent with a folding table and refrigerator
A tent with a world map and furnace
A cavern with stone tables and wooden windows
A decrepit bedroom has fallen into decay
Cloud stands before the teller window
Cloud explores a room with a first aid kit and many boxes
An ordinary town ... except for the rocket ship
Partial view of the rocket town
The interior of the rocket ship | 2
A modern diner with all the amenities
Inside a weapon shop
The Train Yard
The train yard is a chaotic mess; cars are strewn every whichway
The train yard is oddly deserted
This bleak picture of a train station is filled with crashed vehicles
Utal Ruins
The Utal Ruins have immense Oriental statues carved into the face of a cliff
Cloud approaches the face of one of the statues
Wall Market
The Wall Market is a garish nightmare of neon lights, graffiti, and dirt
The South section of Wall Market features a moogle statue and an item store
Cloud approaches a heart-emblazoned nightclub in the Wall Market
The main status screen and an English key
A character status screen and an English key
Cloud's Materia Orb status screen and an English key
Aeris' Materia Orb status screen
Barret's Materia Orb status screen
Aeris approaches the airship, the High Wind
The High Wind takes off
The airship hovers above a town
From above the airship, a village is visible below
The tail of the airship
The airship's frontal chamber is quite imposing
Cloud's futuristsic motorbike
A side view of Cloud's bike | 2
An aerial view of Cloud's bike
An alternative style of motor bike
An souped up roadster looks fantastic
The Neo-Victorian train, with passenger cars
The train also carries fuel tankers
A futuristic truck, perhaps the police's

Final Fantasy Legend II
The title screen
Father gives the hero the oPrism Magi
The hero sets out to begin his quest
A prosperous town
Arsenal, the final boss
The battle with Arsenal

Final Fantasy SGI Demo
Wireframe and rendered Locke
Rendered Wolf Monster
Wireframe Locke, Celes and Rock Monster
Rendered Locke and Rock Monster
Rendered Shadow, Locke and Celes
Rendered Shadow
Rendered Locke and Shadow
Wireframe Celes and Wolf Monster
Wireframe Celes
Wireframe Celes
Nineteen screen captures from the Quicktime Movies

Final Fantasy Tactics
The title screen
Warriors battle on an isometric bridge
Two chocobo-riders confer
A battle between two chocobo riders and a black wizard, a samurai, and two knights.
A conference of sorts between four people
A dragon attacks a party on the parapets

Romancing SaGa
The status screen
The overworld map
A battle with a sea monster

Romancing SaGa 2
The arduous quest begins
Our party confers outside some castle gates
A battle with a dragon

Romancing SaGa 3
The title screen
Our party defends a castle against a dragon
The Court of the Holy King
The interior court of a nobleman
Two dragons meet in mid-air
An unfurled scroll reveals a map
Monica riding a horse to meet her brother Michael
Our party attacks an Ogre Knight
Our party approaches a castle portcullis
The Palace of the King of Darkness
A dangerous and blinding snow field
An unknown town
Monica stands on a town staircase
An unknown town
A snow-covered town

Rudra's Treasure
The "Butterfly Purification" released by Riza's party
Cion's party at the martial arts hall
The spell of MegaWave
Surlent's party at the inn

SaGa Frontier
The title screen
A party of four fights a mechanized monster
A path leads through a tree

Secret of Evermore
Our Hero from Podunk explores a boneyard
Our Hero from Podunk fights the bug boss
Our Hero from Podunk fights the pipe boss
Our Hero from Podunk scrounges the marketplace for supplies
Our Hero from Podunk enters palace gates
Our Hero from Podunk questions the mighty Sphinx
Our Hero from Podunk pilots a bizzare flying contraption
An enigmatic spaceship

Secret of Mana
Our hero approaches the Mana Sword

Seiken Densetsu 3
A cave area
A forest area
The Overworld Map
A Pumpkin Boss
A gargantuan Yeti Boss

Super Mario RPG
Four SGI-rendered pictures
Princess Toadstool's bedroom
Mario inside a fortress
Mario exits a building marked "Pipe House"
Mario and Bowser (!) face off together against some Piranha Plants
Mario and some Podobos
Mario faces some evil Shyguys
Mario falls down a waterfall

Tobal No. 1
Chuzu, a brawny male fighter
Eposo stands aloof, her hands on her side
Chuzu and Eposo fight in a plain square ring
Chuzu throws Eposo
Chuzu is spotlighted
Eposo is hurled through the air

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