MIDI Music

Breath of Fire
Castle Theme
The Town of Romero
The Town of Tunlan
Underwater Theme
The Town of Winlan

Chrono Trigger
Battle Theme
Battle Theme (Unreleased)
Chrono Trigger | 2 | 3 | 4
Crono and Marle - The Distant Promise
Enhasa | 2
To Far Away Times (Ending Theme)
Magus | 2
Overworld 1000 A.D. | Theme A | Theme B
Schala | 2 | 3
Undersea Palace | 2

Final Fantasy I
Airship | Enhanced
Battle Theme | Enhanced | 2 | Piano Only
Chaos' Temple
City Theme | Enhanced
Cornelia Castle
Dungeon | Enhanced
Ending Theme
Main Theme (Overworld Theme) | 2 | Enhanced
Matouya's Cave | Enhanced

Final Fantasy II Japanese
Battle Theme
Main Theme | 2
The Rebel Army
Town Theme

Final Fantasy III Japanese
Boss Battle Theme
Elia, the Maiden of Water

Final Fantasy II
The Airship | 2
Battle Theme | 2
The Big Whale
Boss Battle Theme | 2 | 3
Cry in Sorrow | 2
Dancing Calobrena
The Dreadful Battle (Fiend Battle Theme)
Epilogue (Ending Theme)
The Final Battle
Giott, the Great King
Golbez, Clad in the Dark | Enhanced
Hey, Cid! | 2
Illusionary World
Into the Darkness (Dungeon Theme)
Land of Dwarves (Underworld Theme)
Long Way To Go
The Lunarians (Lunar Cave Theme)
Main Theme (Overworld Theme) | 2
Melody of Lute (Edward's Theme)
Mount Ordeals
The Prelude | 2 | Arranged
The Prologue (Bridge Crossing Theme) | 2 Arranged | Enhanced | Piano Only
Red Wings (Cecil's Theme) | Arranged
Somewhere In the World...
Theme of Love (Rosa's Theme)
Toroian Beauty
Tower of Bab-il | 2
Tower of Zot
Welcome to Our Town! | 2
Within the Giant (Lunar Subteraen Theme)

Final Fantasy V Japanese
Ahead On Our Way | 2 | 3 | 4
Book of Sealings
Cursed Earth
The Day Will Come
The Decisive Battle | Enhanced
The Dragon Spreads Its Wings
The Evil Lord Exdeath
Fate in Haze (Dungeon Theme)
Go Go Boco! (Chocobo Theme) | 2
The Land Unknown
Mambo de Chocobo
Music Box
The Prelude
Prelude of the Empty Skies
A Presentiment
Royal Palace
Sealed Away
Unknown Lands
Victory's Fanfare

Final Fantasy III
Another World of Beasts (Esper Theme) | 2
Aria de Mezzo Caraterre (Opera House Theme)
Battle Theme
Cyan | 2
Dancing Mad | Second Tier
Decisive Battle (Boss Battle Theme) | 2
Devil's Lab | 2 | Remix
Edgar & Sabin (Figaro Castle Theme) | 2 | 3 Piano Only
Ending Theme
Epitaph (Daryl's Theme)
The Fierce Battle (Atma Weapon Theme) | 2 | 3
Forever Rachel
Grand Finale? (Battle with Ultros)
Johnny B. Bad (Coliseum Theme)
Kefka | Piano Only
Last Dungeon (Kefka's Tower Theme)
Locke | 2
The Magic House
Metamorphosis (Floating Continent Destruction Theme)
The Mines of Narshe
Mt. Koltz
Opening Theme (Title Screen)
Opening Theme (Story Sequence)
Opening Theme (MagiTek Sequence) | Enhanced
Overture (Opera House Theme)
The Phantom Forest
The Phantom Train
The Prelude
Relm | 2 | Ending Variation
Save Them!
Searching for Friends (Airship Theme, World of Ruin)
Shadow | 2
Spinach Rag
Techno de Chocobo
Terra (Overworld Theme, World of Balance) | 2 | 3 | The Wanderer of Time (from Final Fantasy Pray)
The Unforgiven
Under Martial Law (Occupied Town Theme)
The Wild West (Veldt Theme) | 2
Zozo | 2

Final Fantasy VII Japanese
Battle Theme

Final Fantasy Adventure
Boss Battle Theme One | Enhanced
Boss Battle Theme Two | Enhanced
Endless Battlefield (Overworld Theme) | Enhanced
Final Battle Theme | Enhanced
Let the Heart Sing With the Melody | Enhanced
Parting | Enhanced
Village | Enhanced

Final Fantasy Legend I
Bandits (Tower Theme)
Creator (Last Battle Theme) | Enhanced | 2

Final Fantasy Legend II
Another World
Burning Blood | Enhanced
Eat the Meat
Ending Theme
Let it Begin | 2 | Enhanced | 2
Wandering Shadow
Watch Out!

Final Fantasy Legend III
The Entity
Let it Begin (Main Theme)

Final Fantasy Mystic Quest
Doom Castle | 2
Mount Gale

Romancing SaGa 2
Boss Battle Theme
Last Battle Theme

Romancing SaGa 3
Last Battle Theme

Rudra's Secret Treasure
Between Two Worlds (Surlent's Theme)
The Quest for Rudra's Mines

Secret of Evermore
Flight Theme
Mini Boss

Secret of Mana
Color of the Summer Sky (Joyous Town Theme) | 2
Curse (Dark Lich Theme)
Star of Darkness (Second Flight Theme)
Steel and Traps (Mana Fortress Theme)
What the Forest Taught Me (Upper Land Forest)

Seiken Densetsu 3
Can You Fly, Sister? (Flammie's Theme)
Closed Garden
Nuclear Fusion
Return to Forever (Ending Theme)

Super Mario RPG
Forest Maze
Main Theme | Remix
Midas River

MIDI Medleys
AndrewK, written in honor of a Square fan's birthday, features motifs from several Final Fantasy games.
The Baron Mix features Castle Baron intermixed with the Theme of Love (Rosa's Theme).
Chocobo from Hell is a hard-core mix of the tradtional chocobo theme.
The Final Fantasy II Battle Medley contains all four battle themes from Final Fantasy II, arranged for piano.
The Final Fantasy Adventure Medley features Rising Sun (Final Fantasy Adventure Theme), as well as the Secret of Mana Theme.
Macarena de Chocobo is great party music, especially if it's a party of Square fans
TSSF, written to celebrate the tracking anniversary of a Square music fan, features motifs from several Final Fantasy games.

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