Locations of Hidden Treasure Boxes in Super Mario RPG
By: Geno-X at Kabal64028@aol.com
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#1: Mushroom Kingdom - Frog Coin
Hop on Toad's head when you enter the Mushroom Castle the FIRST time. As Toad approaches the door to the throne room, jump to reveal a platform. From the platform you can reach a Treasure Box.

#2: Mushroom Kingdom - Flower
Descend the stairs of the Item Shop to the basement. A friendly cellar-dweller will give you a little lesson in finding hidden Treasure Boxes. When he says "Jump," don't ask how high. Just do it!

#3: Mushroom Kingdom - Flower
After telling you about hidden Treasure Boxes, the little chap in the Item Shop basement will talk a walk. Jump on his head. When he reaches the Right corner, jump to reveal the Treasure Box.

#4: Bandit's Way - Kerokero Cola
Stand atop the spinning flower. Jump up and slightly to the right to reveal the Treasure Box. Because it refills all Hit Points and Flower Points in your party, Kerokero Cola is one of the best items you can find.

#5: Rose Town - Frog Coin
Jump on the bookshelf behind the counter in the Item Shop to reach this Treasure Box. Don't worry about appearing rude. The shopkeeper and his family don't seem to mind that you've turned his establishment into a jungle gym.

#6: Rose Town - Frog Coin
After hopping from the man's head to reach his house on the hill, go upstairs. The hidden Treasure Box is over the bed. Next, step on the switch to make the front steps appear.

#7: Forest Maze - Kerokero Cola
In Rose Town it's whispered that woodland sprites have secreted many treasures in the deep, dark Forest Maze. Begin you exploration by going to the left side of the very first section of the Forest Maze. Jump to reveal the Treasure Box.

#8: Forest Maze - Frog Coin
Elude the Rat Funk in the first underground section, then leap on a trampoline to get topside once more. Go left and jump to reveal the Treasure Box. This is one part of his journey where Mario likes to get stumped!

#9: Forest Maze - Kerokero Cola
When you reach the area with Wigglers crawling out of seven stumps, hop down the stump on the far left. Once in the cavern, go to the far corner and leap to reveal the Treasure Box.

#10: Forest Maze - Flower
Wigglers patrol seven stumps hidden deep in the woods. Hop into the far right stump, elude the belligerent Buzzers and angry Adamitas, then stand in the patch of light in the foreground and jump.

#11: Forest Maze - Empty!
In the section with the seven stumps, jump down the left stump in the second row. Jump in the corner directly behind the trampoline the reveal the Treasure Box, it's empty!

#12: Forest Maze - Red Essence
Before exiting the section with the hollow stump and the Save Block, head right and jump to reveal a Treasure Box. Red Essence renders you invulnerable for three battle turns.

#13: Pipe Vault - Frog Coin
Hop down the second of six pipes sprouting Piranha Plants. Jump at the end of the row of blocks to make a platform appear. Walk to the second block and jump to reveal the Treasure Box.

#14: Pipe Vault - Frog Coin
Another hidden Treasure Box hovers two block beyond the first one. To get the Frog Coin below, press Right and hold the Y Button to run, then press down the slide.

#15: Yo'ster Isle - Frog Coin
After emerging from Pip Vault, save your game. The Treasure Box floats slightly to the left of the Save Box. Now head south for some fun and games on the island of the music loving dinosaurs.

#16: Booster Pass - Flower
Who would image that a lovely flower could grow in the parched Booster Pass? In the very first section, stand on the plant over the cave entrance and jump to reveal the Treasure Box.

#17: Booster Pass - Rock Candy
There are two exits from the first section, on through a cavern and the other over the hill. Just to the right of the above-ground exit, jump to reveal this Treasure Box. Rock Candy wreaks major havoc on every enemy on the battle field.

#18: Booster Tower - Frog Coin
Evade the Snifits while climbing the first flight of stairs. A Treasure Box floats over the landing. Simply stand on the dark square and jump. If you want to get out of this room without fighting, stick to the back wall and jump over the marching Snifits.

#19: Booster Tower - Frog Coin
It takes a sharp eye to puzzle your way through the giant optical illusion that is Booster Tower. After the Thwomp see-saws you to the stairwell with the parachuting Spookums, go to the far left corner to find this Treasure Box.

#20: Booster Tower - Goodie Bag
At the top of Booster Tower you'll find yourself in a room with giant ledges projecting from the wall and a Save Block. Climb the ledges until you can hop on the top of a visible Treasure Box, then jump again to reveal the hidden one.

#21: Booster Tower - Mushroom
Just before leaving the room with the hidden Treasure Box floating over a visible one, take a quick jog to Mario's right and jump to reveal another Treasure Box. It's far better to sell that Goodie Bag you just snared than to hoard it.

#22: Marrymore - Frog Coin
Spend the night in the regular room in the Marrymore Inn. When you wake up, climb the bookshelf and jump to make the hidden Treasure Box appear.

#23: Sunken Ship - Flower
After defeating King Calamari, Mario will enter an eerie room where he comes moustache-to-moustache with his ghostly alter ego. The real Mario will have to jump on top of mirror Mario, then jump to reveal this Treasure Box.

#24: Land's End - Flower
Reach the pendulating platform by firing yourself out of the first pot cannon you reach. Stand on the far corner of the platform and leap away when the platform reaches its high point.

#25: Land's End - Flower
In the second stage, stand between the cannon and the plateau and jump to activate a hidden platform. Crawl back into the cannon and shoot onto the platform. Once you've landed, leap up to reveal the Treasure Box.

#26: Land's End - Frog Coin
Just before you reach the Sky Bridge, jump between the two stationary purple flowers to reveal the Treasure Box. Just don't get a bee in your bonnet about the trouble makers swarming around this area, O.K.?

#27: Land's End - Frog Coin
Hop into the cave beneath the Sky Bridge and follow the secret passage to Kero Sewers. In the first section, go to the corner in the back. Elude the Chow and leap to reveal the Treasure Box.

#28: Belome's Temple - Frog Coin
At the first part of your fortune is fulfilled, a gate will open and admit you to a passageway with two visible Treasure Boxes. Leap from the wall onto the Treasure Box on the left, then jump straight up.

#29: Belome's Temple - Frog Coin
Belome is so concerned with eating that he's left a few treasures unguarded. After opening the first hidden Treasure Box, descend the stairs. Stand in the corner to the right, then jump.

#30: Monstro Town - Flower
On your way out of this rustic mountain hamlet, stand between the flowering bush and the wall and jump to reveal the Treasure Box. The residents would have grabbed this Flower, but their days are over.

#31: Bean Valley - Rock Candy
Hills like red elephants dot Bean Valley, requiring Mario to detour through pipes. After entering the valley from Monstro Town, hop down the pipe on the right. When you pop out, go to the red hill on the left and jump to reveal the Treasure Box.

#32: Bean Valley - Kerokero Cola
In the area with the five Piranha Plants growing out of the pipes, defeat the Piranha Plant on the lower right and climb down its pipe. Circle around to the far side of the room and jump to reveal the Treasure Box.

#33: Bean Valley - Red Essence
Defeat the Piranha Plant on the far right and hop into its pipe. Walk right. The Treasure Box is halfway between the trampoline and the yellow stairs.

#34: Nimbus Land - Frog Coin
Enter the Item Shop and climb the excess inventory in the back, then jump toward the shopkeeper to make a Treasure Box appear.

#35: Nimbus Land - Frog Coin
Enter Nimbus Castle and head for the grand hallway with the three doorways. Go to the far left side and say "Hi" to the bird, then stand in the corner and jump to reveal the Treasure Box.

#36: Nimbus Land - Frog Coin
After defeating Birdo, head out the back door to the room where King Nimbus is being held prisoner. Pause on your way to jump on the Treasure Box hovering over the lower passageway. A hidden Treasure Box over it contains a Frog Coin.

#37: Nimbus Land - Frog Coin
Starting in the hallway with the three doors, enter the door on the left. Descend the second set of stairs. Just before you enter the room with the Save Block, a hidden Treasure Box hovers overhead.

#38: Nimbus Land - Frog Coin
The fifth Frog Coin in Nimbus Land floats in space! After finding the hidden Treasure Box behind the third door on the left, walk straight out into the void. When you can't go any farther, leap to reveal another one.

#39: Smithy Factory - Mushroom
Shortly after bolting from the area with the multiple screws and evading the Ameboids, you'll come across the rest stop with a Save Block. Just to its left is a hidden Treasure Box.