Fan Artwork

Breath of Fire
Nina envelops herself with her wings
Nina plays with a bird while lying on the ground

Chrono Trigger
The Cast of Chrono Trigger
Crono, sword in hand
Crono smiling
Crono and his sword, before a lighting bolt background
Lucca looks condescendingly upon those with lesser intellects
Lucca is intelligent and sassy
Magus, cape flowing, clutches Schala's pendant
Magus wields his scythe while casting Dark Matter
Magus: Lord of Shadow

Final Fantasy I
The Black Mage is hidden in shadow and mystery
The twelve character classes
Lich, foul and pestilent, plagues all in his vicinity
The holy Masamune
The Vampire
The White Mage casts a spell of purity and healing

Final Fantasy II
Cid sits at his workbench and tinkers
Edge, Prince of Eblan, wields a katana in one hand and a shuriken in the other
Edward, Prince of Damycan, rests with his lyre and contemplates his destiny
Kain stands erect, proud of his Dragoon heritage
Palom and Porom stand on a rock outcropping, surrounded by Imps
Rydia contemplates as leaves cascade around her | Colored
Rydia smiles as a moogle nurses a nurture sack
Rydia, as a child, rocks an infant chocobo to sleep
Rubicant gleefully incinerates all that stands in his way
Rubicant extends his hand to bathe the world in fire
Tellah prepares to cast Meteo
Yang's claws glisten as his ponytail trails behind
Yang leans back before attacking
Yang is cool, serene, and focused

Final Fantasy V Japanese
Butz holds his sword, ready for adventure
Icons of several characters

Final Fantasy III
A melancholy Celes is comforted by Mog
Celes at the Opera
Celes walks alone into the sunset
Celes stalks an unseen foe
Celes glances warily behind her
Cid grasps a piece of Magicite
Cyan leans on his sword, contemplative
Cyan is prepared to defend his liege
Cyanstands with his sword before Doma Castle
Cyan and Shadow attack the MagiMaster
Doom Gaze leaves pestilence and disease in his wake
Edgar, up close and personal
Gogo falls at the hand of an unseen foe
Gogo leads an entourage of enemies
Kefka metamorphoses Espers into Magicite
Kefka grins mischevously as he captures the Espers
Cyan, Edgar, and Setzer confront the first tier of Kefka
Lagomorph! "Mugu? Mugu?"
Locke, dagger in hand, swears to protect Rachel
Locke stares deep into the fiery Phoenix magicite
Madonna cradles the infant Terra
Rendered Mog rides a chocobo through a dungeon
Rendered Mog rides a chocobo across a grassy field
Rendered Mog holds a sword
Rendered Mog in karate garb
Mog sitting with a spear in his lap
Mog confronts a group of rabid Rabites
A ... Moogle Girl?
Relm sits and contemplates her art
Relm sits, the spirit of Shadow hovering above
Relm, painting, and four moogles rest on a meadow, while the airship hovers over a castle behind them
Sabin, armed with metal claws, leaps towards an opponent
Sabin stands before a sunset
Shadow and Interceptor, with the Fanatics Tower rising ominously before them, await the airship
Shadow lives a tempestuous existence
Strago, bespectacled and keen-witted, smirks knowingly
Strago relaxes beneath a post
Terra holding a piece of Magicite
Terra, morphed and ferocious
Terra extends her pendant, as if to offer it
Terra reclines in front of an open window
Terra sitting in a chair
Terra stares into the distance, contemplating her destiny
Ultros attacks some off-guard moogles
Umaro lumbers through a snowstorm
Umaro ponders his Sasquatchian existence

Final Fantasy VII Japanese
Barret warns: stay out of my way.
A pencil sketch of Cloud and his sword
Cloud glares moodily at an unseen hinderance
Cloud hoists his weapon upon his shoulders
An overhead view of Cloud and his sword
Cloud's sword burns with holy fire
A side view of Cloud and his sword
Aeris runs her hands through her hair

Final Fantasy Legend III
The party members

Secret of Mana
He's a Fung. Mighty Fung, of course.

Seiken Densetsu 3
Charlotte casts a spell whilst flailing her morning star

Secret of Evermore
The boy grins as he wields his skeletal weapon
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