About the Creator...

Andrew Vestal is a sixteen year old Senior currently attending high school in Dallas, Texas. He has played the cello for nearly ten years, and enjoys that immensely. He is accelerated four years in mathematics, and enjoys that immensely too, except for the homework and tests. He has a voracious appetite for reading, especially Science Fiction. Right now, he is trying to amass a collection of Classic NES Games. He enjoys music of many types, including:

He is currently neither married nor engaged, and has no children. He does have a really cute dog, however.

A Brief History of the UnOfficial Squaresoft Home Page

Once upon a time (April 1995) there was a young man named Andrew. Andrew had nothing in the world but three FAQs, seven or eight screen shots, and five MIDI files. But Andrew was determined to make something of himself, and with his meager possessions and the sacred Meg of Storage given him by the OverServer, he opened a small page. He called it The UnOfficial Squaresoft Homepage, and people came from all across the land to read its learned wisdom, hear its symphonic melodies, and look at its pretty pictures. But the UOSHP was an unwieldly beast, and it grew, and it twisted, and it gnarled, and it filled many directories, twenty or thirty of them, verily. And the OverServer saw this, and he was not pleased, and he smote the UOSHP upon the URL. And the page was most forcibly removed from the server, and Andrew was distressed, for the situation appeared bleak. But out of this darkness arose Andy Church, a brave warrior who offered sanctuary on his server, Dragonfire.

But rough times were ahead for Dragonfire. Soon Dragonfire was torn from its roots and thrown into the Abyss of Maryland, where the demon Bell Atlantic mercilessly toyed with Andy Church. First it denied access to Dragonfire at all; then, only through an arcane series numbers. Finally it permitted Dragonfire to be available ... but also cursed the server with such popularity that the "access" it provided was worthless.

But Dragonfire escape the clutches of Bell Atlantic, and returned to the speedy ways it had before. And on Dragonfire has the UOSHP remained in peace, quiet, and continuous expansion, unto this very day.